Commercial Freezers Repairs Service

Commercial Freezers Repair Services are an ongoing periodic Type of Equipment Maintenance. Appliance Home Services Commercial Freezers Repairs Service is ready to solve your refrigeration issue today. What is more, we handle all types of Freezers machines. So, we are prepared to fix whether your facility needs a Walk-in Freezer Repair, Reach-in Freezer, or Chest freezer. Furthermore, our Techs are Licensed, Insured, and bonded for added peace of mind.

 Besides, we know how important that you have all your commercial equipment running in an orderly. But unfortunately, the potential for running into refrigeration issues exists daily. Not to mention the types of problems this equipment may suffer. Your Commercial Reach-in Refrigerator might not reach the desired temperature for numerous reasons. For example, Your Commercial Freezer has a malfunctioning compressor, frozen evaporator coil, fan failure, or built-up ice. If you have one or more of these symptoms, give the experts at Commercial Freezers Repairs Service in Houston a call at (832) 500-4679

Walk-in Refrigerator Repair

Commercial Freezers Checklist

  • Always make sure that The following freezer Component work properly:
  • Rubber Door Seal
  • Freezer Door Curtain covers all door entrances.
  • The evaporator is Cleaned and allows air to Circulate.
  • Also, please make sure all Air Distribution Fan works efficiently.
  • Most importantly, the control board works as it should.
  • Above all, please ensure you have enough Coolant Refrigerant in Your Seal System.
  • Also, please ensure your water drain pipes are clean and allow drainage from the pan under your Evaporator.
  • Could you ensure your freezer defrost cycle is functioning, whether timer or mail board controlled?
  • Finally, try to eliminate opening the Freezer doors Needlessly.

What if you still Have Issues With Your freezer Cooling System

As much as we all hope that your equipment runs like a Swiss watch, unforeseen problems with your freezer will likely happen. In this case, the intervention of a knowledgeable Commercial Freezers Repair service may be the only way to fix the problem. Here at Appliance Home Services, we know how critical of a position you are facing. Our Technicians are on standby to aid you with the right support around the clock. So, give us a call, and you’ll be happy with our service.

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