Advise customers on engineering and technological advantages of products and services, including maintenance and repair of various electronic equipment and systems in field installations, provide detailed recommendations and write technological instructions. Determine if products can be designed or modified to satisfy needs of and be competitive on local markets. Design and test electronic components of products and systems for commercial purpose. Installation and programming of control boards in electronic appliances. Must have advanced level of understanding of design and operation of our products and services, including electric energy generation, transmission, and distribution system, and related hardware and software. Prepare cost estimates and sales contracts for products and services. Supervise training of electronic technicians and coordinate operations, maintenance and repair procedures. Profound knowledge of US electrical codes and manufacturing standards for our products. Strong presentation skills a must.

BS in Mechanical Engineering, Marine Engineering or related field, 2 yrs in job of Sales Electronic Engineer, proficiency in Russian language required. Hours 9a – 6p. M – F. Will pay prevailing wage.

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