Refrigeration and Coolers Commercial services

Commercial Wine Coolers Services

Commercial Freezers Repair

When the refrigeration system breaks, the business risks its product’s spoilage. Our Refrigeration Commercial services team, licensed and experienced Appliance Home Services technicians, understand that time is critical for business. And is very important to provide the best and quick service for Commercial Freezers Repair.

Walk-In Freezer

Ice Makers Repairs and Maintenance

A commercial ice maker service is always expensive. However, because of our experience, we know how to restore machines most economically. Therefore, our Professional Refrigeration Commercial Services Team will help you repair and install the new one at compatible prices. 

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Commercial Wine Cooler Services

When the refrigeration systems break, the business risks its product’s quality. Our licensed and experienced Appliance Home Services Team technicians realize how critical it is when it comes to wine Cooler. Because wines require more than just temperature, humidity is another factor to keep wines stored properly, therefore, it’s important to restore the cooling system as soon as possible.

Wine Cooler Services

Walk-in Coolers Maintenance and Repairs

Our commercial Services Team has experience with many different makes and models of Walk In Refrigeration Systems. Our professional technicians enable us to provide comprehensive diagnostics quickly with minimum expenses to help our customers to get back up and business running.

Walk In Refrigeration Services

Walk-in Coolers and Walk-in Freezer Repair Services

Walk-in Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerated Equipment Commercial Services Pro Advice 

Commercial refrigeration Services and repair machines generally need to be more productive. As a result, there is a lot of extensive wear and tear. Because of that, scheduled maintenance is necessary to prolong these Appliances’ life span.

Some maintenance services that we provide at Appliance Home in our commercial services division are: 

  • Air filter periodic replacement and cleaning cleaning 
  • Cleaning all Drain pans 
  • Condenser coil cleaning 
  • Checking gaskets for leaks 
  • Checking refrigerant levels  
  • Checking wiring connections 

Some preventive maintenance tasks that you can regularly perform are: 

  • Exterior/interior cleaning 
  • Checking and removing vent blockage 
  • Keeping unit dry 
  • Keeping unit well organized for better air circulation 
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