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Stoves and oven Services are one of the most critical repairs.  Because it is a vital appliance in every kitchen. Have you experienced problems with your equipment? Then, we can offer our Professional Stove and Oven Services.
When it comes to the modern conveniences of a kitchen, the stove, oven, or range is often the key to an enjoyable cooking experience. After all, fresh home-cooked meals are a great way to gather family and friends together.
So, If your oven or stove breaks down, it can be inconvenient and frustrating for your family.
We repair all types of electric ovens, stoves, and ranges — and when it comes to quality services, we bring the heat!

Some common electric oven problems include a broken wire; a lousy control, and a bake or broil element. Also, the wrong amount of electric power coming to the unit. Besides, The most popular gas oven problems include a faulty gas control, igniter, or pressure valves. 


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Here are common problems your Stove and Oven might face and their most common solutions:
  • The gas burner won’t light.

A few things could go wrong if the flame doesn’t light on your gas cooktop. First, note what happens when you try to light the burner. Typically, you should hear a clicking noise and be able to smell gas coming out of the valves. If you hear the click but smell nothing, the gas flow is the problem. On the other hand, if you smell gas but don’t hear any clicking, the issue could be with the ignition switch.

Turn the appliance off, unplug it if you can, clean out any loose food, and reconnect any wires that may have come loose. If that doesn’t solve it, you will need a new igniter or work on your gas connection. 

  • The gas burner is heating slowly.

A slow-heating cooktop can become a significant issue, regardless of your type or brand. If you have a gas cooktop, this issue could be due to the burner openings being clogged with food,  leaving the flames small and weak. This can be easily fixed by giving your whole stove top a clean and clean one.

Turn off and disconnect your cooktop, remove the grates and burner caps, and clean them in the sink with soap and hot water. Scrub the surfaces with a  brush. Wipe down the cooktop’s surface with a damp sponge, and use a toothpick to remove food or other debris from the gas valves. Baking soda and vinegar can also help your cleaning. 

  • The electric burner won’t heat up.

Also, test all the others if one of your electric burners won’t heat properly. Furthermore, If all your burners are having trouble heating, it’s likely an electrical problem, and you’ll need to call Professional Stove and Oven Services or replace your cooktop. On the other hand, If just one coil is heating improperly, check the connection and ensure it is firmly plugged into the cooktop. Then, try swapping out the broken coil with another one on your cooktop – if the new loop works fine in the same spot where the fractured ring was plugged in, it’s time just for a replacement coil.

  • The induction element won’t heat. 

Also, If you’re using an induction cooktop that won’t heat up, be sure the pan you’re using is induction compatible. Induction works by heating the pan directly rather than the burner below, so your cooktop needs a special pan to work correctly. 

  • The gas stove top keeps clicking.

According to the Stone and Oven Services department, some clicking is regular when switching your gas stove top. But if it continues long after or even prevents the burner from lighting, it can become a genuine inconvenience and looks to be a problem. Usually, it happens when something is blocking the burner. First, check that the burner cap hasn’t been knocked out of place and that no food is blocking the holes. If you don’t have a sealed-burner cooktop, food can quickly get stuck in the gas grates and must be removed using a  slim, metal object (don’t use anything easily breakable or flammable, like toothpicks or plastic forks or knife). Also, excess moisture could be trapped in the cooktop if the clicking continues. Try toweling off the stovetop or pointing a fan at the cooking surface to soak up some extra water.

  • The Oven is Not Heating

An oven that won’t heat is usually the result of a faulty igniter (for a gas oven) or heating element (for an electric oven). You may be able to replace the heating element or ignite it yourself. First, make sure to turn off the power to your range. Next, use a screwdriver to remove the old igniter or heating element. The heating elements and the igniter are usually located inside the oven. If your heating element is hidden, you may need to call a professional technician from Stove and Oven Services Department to replace it.

A gas oven not working indicates the problem is likely the gas line. Gas oven repair for a defective gas line usually requires the skill of an experienced professional.

  • The Oven Won’t Heat to the Right Temperature

Here are a few issues to check:

Make sure the oven can turn on.  First, identify whether your oven can at all. There is a difference between an oven not heating up and an oven producing erratic temperatures. Moreover,  If the oven isn’t heating, the igniter or heating element might be broken. Also, check the temperature sensor. If the oven is heating to lower temperatures, this thermometer could be the issue of heat. You may need to replace it before your oven works accurately again.

Finally, look at the oven door. Ensure your door is closing all the way you use the oven.  Check the door springs and ensure the seal between the door and wall is in place. Heat could be escaping when you turn your oven on.

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